Sex Sells in America

Topics: Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show controversy Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: July 12, 2011
In 2004, the infamous Janet Jackson and Justin Timberblake wardrobe malfunction took place at the half time show of the Super Bowl. Millions of people watching and all of them, by the end of that song, were able to see what Janet’s breast looked like because of a “wardrobe malfunction.” But this in fact was a paradox on our American Values. Sex sells end of story. It’s the Super Bowl, you have two hot stars and they want to give a performance that nobody will ever forget so yes, they got Justin to rip a piece of her clothing off. The producers swear it was a wardrobe malfunction but why is it there was something covering her breast so it wasn’t showing the whole thing? That’s where it comes clear that they were trying to sell Janet’s body to a crazy Super Bowl crowd. Were so against the fact of women showing themselves in public, yet we love it. Yes, we can sit here and complain about Janet’s breast was shown at the Super Bowl and how inappropriate it was, but the truth is, we loved it! Sex sells in America.

Other contradictions, such as the Paris Hilton contradiction, it points out a paradox about all young celebrities. It shows how all young celebrities go out and rebel to give them this unique “cool” image. Whenever you see a rising star on Disney Channel or a daughter of a very wealthy man, we can’t help but to think, “hey there’s the next Caleb screw up.” As much as we don’t want to believe they’ll go down that road, they do. It sells, they make money off the stupid stuff they do. Another contradiction is how we

think of ourselves as caring citizens. But lets be honest, if we were all caring we wouldn’t be thinking about just ourselves. And by that I mean if we really cared we wouldn’t mind paying taxes so the cost of things wouldn’t be so much. We call ourselves charitable but we complain about these things and hate it. People want us to have better education but they are not willing to pay higher taxes for us to go to college. Therefore...
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