Sex Sells in Advertising

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Kayla Busick
Comp 2
Sex Sells
Advertising is everywhere in today’s world. Advertisers constantly are increasing their ad’s appeals by continuing to push the envelope. Society allows this to happen because people are always ready for the next best thing. One way that advertiser’s use to catch their audience’s attention is sex appeal. Companies want to get the message across that by purchasing their specific product a consumer can increase how much others desire them. The clothing industry seems to use sex appeal quite often. Calvin Klein released an ad in spring of 2012 for their new line of jeans that were to be released. The ad portrays a male model with gorgeous, dark eyes and a perfectly toned and tanned body sprawled across what looks to be a mountain top. He’s wearing absolutely nothing besides a pair of fitted white jeans. There is quite a bit of contrast between his tan and his white jeans which pulls the viewer’s attention after being lost in the crevices of his sculpted body. He also has a beautiful blonde woman, again, perfectly tanned and wearing nothing but a pair of tight, low cut green jeans, lying in his lap. They look care-free and relaxed. Both are showing plenty of skin which appeals to a person’s sexual desire.

I agree with Jean Kilbourne when she states that, “In the world of advertising, lovers are things, and things are lovers” (Kilbourne, Para 6). Kilbourne tells us that in society today people have an almost intimate relationship with their belongings and also have turned relationships into belongings. Companies feed off of a person’s predictability to buy an item that captures their desire to be desired. She makes a valid point that people tend to spend money on materialistic items because it continuously stays the same. Armani Jeans released a similar add in 2012. The ad shows a very handsome man lying with arms wide open on a fluffy rug. He has tight fitting jeans on, with the belt undone, and his shirt is wide...
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