Sex & Religion

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Marriage Pages: 3 (1324 words) Published: March 31, 2013
“First off, sex feels good so we should do it all the time, even in class.”-Danny Martin. “Sex outside of marriage is a sin; sex within a marriage is not a sin.”-Bertrand Russell. In today’s world, sex can either be viewed on both ends of the spectrum as you can see by the two quotes above. Many people have different views and opinions on the matter. Like any subject there is always a good and bad to sex. The good that comes from sex is that it brings joy, relaxation; it may help a person to find their soul mate and sex is good in general. God did make us to mate with each other and for us to find pleasure in each other. Of course there is a bad side to sex in that it can spread sexual disease, be used as prostitution and can ruin a persons reputation. Now that I have talked about sex in the general matter I would like to discuss the issue of Christians having sex before marriage. Christians should have sex before marriage because it is good for ones health, joy and mental state. I feel that the church has misinterpreted the bible saying that is such a sin to have sex before marriage. There are only scriptures saying that you shall not commit adultery meaning not to cheat on your wife. The church has been able to brain wash and tell everyone that if you have sex before marriage you will not have a good and satisfying marriage; which is completely not true. Sex brings a great amount of joy to both sides of the party. Sex can also create a deeper bond between two people resulting in a way more intimate relationship. A recent study has shown that 80 percent of Christians end of having sex before marriage anyway. If the facts show that most Christians already have sex before marriage then why does the church still try to push abstinence on it’s congregation. Sex is a natural act created by God to reproduce and it may even be God’s gift to humans to enjoy our fellow companions and the pleasure that come from sex. Everyone person on earth...
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