Sex Ratio Awareness for Indians

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Sex Pages: 4 (1143 words) Published: September 19, 2012
“Increasing population but decreasing sex ratio”-A VIEW

India is the holy place for the people with lot of Goddesses, it’s the place where the above shlokha was formed and it’s the place where the majority of Goddesses are worshiping even now also. But why the Indians are stepping towards the India without women….?

By seeing at the statistics given any one can predict that there is a declining in Sex ratio in India but increasing in population. So we can add the word rapid for both of the concepts i.e. “rapid increase in population, rapid decrease in sex ratio”. The sex ratio which is 972 in 1901 is 933 in 2001 and the child sex ratio in 2003 is 1.12male/female…!...? Is it possible to share the females….?

|YEAR |POPULATION |SEX RATIO | |1931 | 2,78,977,238 |950 | |1951 | 3,61,088,090 |946 | |1971 | 5,48,159,652 |930 | |1991 | 8,46,302,688 |927 | |2001 |10,28,610,328 |933 |

Source: Census of India, 2001

Major causes for decline in Sex ratio in India:
❖ Traditional belief that only male children leads to the attainment of moksha for their parents. ❖ Parents believe that son as the only person who take care of them in their old age; this belief was widely spread over the whole India uniformly in both urban and rural areas, from rich to poor, from educated to uneducated. This belief leads to giving importance to the male child. ❖ Insecurity feeling for the women.

❖ According to study Indian parents spend 2.3times more on health care for their son than for daughter. The Female children of about 30-50% are more likely to die at the age between 1-5years and mortality rate of the girl child is 1.3times...
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