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Topics: Mind, Thought, Reality Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Critical Analysis Paper
“ The Secret ”
Isabella Amberstone Drob
Montclair State University

Dr. Langfelder
March 19, 2013

“The Secret” is an amazing movie about the Power of Attraction. It has to do with scientific principles, psychology, patterns, philosophies and the power of the mind. The movie basically says that whatever thoughts you focus on and put out there, you attract.

The law of attraction states the theory that anything and everything you want to attract in life, love or experience, you’ll attract in theory, the movie implies that we control everything. The movie theoretically suggests that everything we do is a product of our mind; that you have the power to attract anything at any given time.

The movie features writers, doctors, scholars, mathematicians and others, who speak of their opinion on the “Law of Attraction”. Though not completely as diverse as they could be those who spoke about “The Secret” had valid opinions and good life.

Your mind has over 60-70,000 thoughts per day, according to the movie, but I think it’s more like 100-140,000 thought per day, especially if you have an overactive mind like mine. Depending on what you gear your feelings, your attention, and your thoughts towards, which is what you manifest. Your body is a physical representation of your mentality and is a metaphor for your existence. The movie sends a message of your consciousness and your ability to attract the positive in life depends on your feelings, and if you’re focusing on what you want to attract. Whatever you focus your energy on, you’re attracting.

The biggest criticism that id like to address is of The Secret's assertion that victims are always to blame for whatever happens to them. Whether it's a rape victim, a tsunami victim, or a heart attack victim, “The Secret” states that they brought it upon themselves with their own negative thoughts. This idea is, of course, profoundly offensive in many ways. In...
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