Sex in Youth Does Really Affect Their Future?

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“Premarital Sex Issue In Youth”

Miguel Isaac M. Pangindian
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January 15, 2011


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Sex In Youth does really affect their future?

I. Introduction

Premarital sex is doing an affair in couples that are not married, this case is illegal but even if it is illegal many of couples today is in this kind of situation. Premarital sex is prone even in teenagers.

Premarital sex is a huge problem in our society today, Manila, Philippines has a very young population. A study reveals that at least one-third of the 475,000 abortions in the country are attributed to women aged 15-24 years old. Three out of four maternal deaths are from the adolescent group.

Teens everywhere are not waiting until they are married to have sex. “Teens are saying ‘sex is fun’ and ‘everybody is doing it’” in this kind of situation peer pressure is can trigger them to do sex, Teens are less developed, emotionally and physically before having sex, and they are not prepared for the serious problem that will come after having a sex. A teenage girl are saying “I’ll be fine, we used condom, there are no worries.” But the thing they don’t know is “No form of contraception can prevent a heart from being a broken, and a soul from being a lost”

Premarital sex is increasing in the Philippines. The study shows that 20 percent of premarital sex occurs among high school students. Many first sexual encounters are not planned or wanted. Most sexual experiences are unprotected.

Youth is very wondered how sex feels like, perfectly to those still virgin. Sex fantasy is very wonderful mostly in Male because mala brain produce more sex hormones than women. After someone experiences premarital sex thee is often feeling of disappointment and feelings of regret over lost virginity. These feeling can cause tremendous problem in the relationship. “when we lose something we know is valuable we feel regret.

Teenagers need to realize, once one’s virginity is gone, it is gone forever. While maturity plays a large part in the decision to have sex, it may not be enough. There is no "right" age to start a sexual relationship. It is a very individual and personal decision. People need to be aware of the emotional consequences of premarital sex.

II. Causes that may lead to “Premarital sex”

Some of youth has a poor parenting so they are more vulnerable to their peers where they can have the attention they want, as he or she find something curios peer pressure can trigger them to do an unnecessary things like consumption of alcohols, drugs, cigarettes etc. when they are now under alcohol, sex is now free to move over the youth. Where it is start, it is start in house because of poor parenting.

But sometimes when a youth is over disciplined youth, they rebelled and do the things they don’t know that lead them into their peers and have some fun, here comes again the drugs and alcohol and peer pressure that can be cause to a sex or premarital sex. We can say that lack of parenting and over parenting may the cause of leading them to premarital sex, secondary is the lack of education, peer pressure, alcohol and drugs.

I list some causes that lead to “Premarital Sex”

* Poor Parenting
* Peers Pressure
* Lack of Education
* Family Problem
* Drugs, Alcohol. Etc
* Environment
Premarital sex is most strongly linked with drug use.

Youth are not very mentally and physically ready in this kind of situation, having sex is fun but the fact it is more dangerous when you are in it.

III. Effects of “Premarital Sex”

Whether you’re a youth or not you are prone to a negative effect of “Premarital Sex” Negative side of premarital sex is loosing moral, early pregnancy and...
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