Sex in the Media

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: January 12, 2013
As I prepared for my collage and started the research for images I realized that there was a ton of sexual media everywhere I looked. As I observed mass media with a critical eye, I realized that sexual media has an impact on everyone’s daily life. As the saying says, “Sex sells!”. In some of the images I saw I was taken aback and overwhelmed because some of the products that were trying to be advertised didn’t need any sex images attached to be sold. It is evident to me that the people in advertising know exactly what they are doing to capture the attention of the consumers. Over the years I have seen how advertising has gotten more and more sexual in order to sell their products. This is concerning to me because more and more younger kids are being exposed to these advertisements. In one of the magazine’s I used to obtain images, there was a particular one that was for a cologne called Seductive. The advertisement image was a man and a woman who were both half dressed tugging on each other’s pants in a provocative position. This was just to advertise a cologne. In another image the advertisement was for a grill with a woman in a bikini saying “She can’t believe the size of your meat.” In a CD cover for a well known rap artist the title of the of the album is Sex in the Lounge and it has the artist dressed in a revealing lingerie laying down in an antique couch in a provocative position. Another CD cover was for a jazz instrumental album. The cover was a saxophone and a woman that was only dressed in bra and panty in a sexual position with the title Sax and Sex. On an advertisement for the popular book Fifty Shades the background of the image has a naked woman in bondage. I also found a cartoon comic book advertisement of Batwoman and Supergirl. There were no words at all, it just had Batwoman and Supergirl embraced in a hug with Batwoman seductively lifting up Supergirl’s skirt revealing her behind. The majority of these messages were...
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