Sex Education Should Be Added to the Secondary School Curriculum

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  • Published : August 23, 2012
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Sex education should be added to the secondary school curriculum.

To what extent do you agree of disagree with this opinion?

Over the years, there has always been a controversy over the issue of sex education. Some educationalists claimed that it is mandatory for sex education to be added to the secondary school curriculum. However, there are also people suggesting that sex education is not suitable for secondary students. Although many people hold the belief that sex is a taboo in schools, there is a need for students to learn about it.

Sex education should be added to the secondary school curriculum because students level of curiosity towards sex increases as the go into the stage of adolescence. In this age of booming technology, teenagers can search for any information they like on the internet. Hence, instead of letting teenagers build up a bad concept on this issue due to the fact that information not being filtered, schools should provide sex education to students such that right attitude can go into teenagers’ mind. Otherwise, the resulting effect will be teenagers having sex themselves to satisfy their curiosity.

On top of this, teachers are professional in teaching sex education. In the family, teenagers seldom learn about sex. Being conservative, most parents will think that it is inappropriate for their children to learn about sex and thus, when teenagers raise the topic, parents will feel embarrassed and try to change topic. Furthermore, even when parents are open-minded, they may be unable to teach the right concepts to their children because they themselves have never received any sex education. Therefore, teachers, who possess a great deal of knowledge about various aspects of sex education, such as sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and sexual decision making, are the best people to deliver sex education to adolescence.

In addition to that, society has changed such that having sex has become a commonplace among...