Sex Education in the Philippines

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Almost everyone has heard. Have you? The Department of Education (DepEd) started the instruction of Sex Education, through Memorandum no. 26, as part of the Basic Education Curriculum starting from Grade 5 and Grade 6. There have been much heated arguments about the issue, with the Catholic Church on one side of the fence and the Government on the other.

Cabral, the DepEd secretary then, originally proposed that sex education must be taught as early as KINDERGARTEN. Naturally, the idea was not received well. The proposal caused such an outrage that they had to re-think their plan and proceed with a new course of action, thus settling for a Grade 5 starting point. Cabral pointed out that “it’s not right that when one gets pregnant, that would be the only time when she would know how she got pregnant.” The statement may seem harmless but if you analyze it, there’s such a demeaning message that she is addressing to all Filipinos. It is an insult to all of us. Filipinos are not that stupid nor are we totally ignorant about reproduction. Is it really just about informing the youth about sex in the general context? Because it seems as if they are pushing us towards something – whether we need it or not.

First of all, children have different developmental stages. Some may be emotionally mature for their age while others may be the opposite. To dump on them a subject such as sex, with no regard to their maturity level is unhealthy for the emotional state of these children. Does this mean that they are ready to expose children to this topic whether or not they’re ready for it? Second, we can not ignore the fact for it is right in front of us, sex is a sensitive subject. It is a subject that is ought to be breached within the context of a family setting, not within the classroom. A subject as delicate and sensitive as sex should not be dealt with pop quizzes or oral recitations but with wholesome understanding of the child, thus, it should be taught BY the parents...
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