Sex Education in the Family and Its Relationship to the Prevalence of Teenage Pregnancies

Topics: Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse Pages: 13 (3273 words) Published: February 2, 2011
St. Michaels College

Iligan City

SY: 2011-2012

Introduction of Sex Education in the Family and Its relationship

to the prevalence of teenage pregnancies in Barangay Suarez

A thesis submitted in a partial fulfillment

Of the requirements

For the degree of

Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Nursing Research


Beverly Jane Rosco

Merlinda R. Valencia

Jaymar M. Babate

Juven L. Gutang



Background of the Study

Sex education, in one form or another, has always been an issue of controversy. There are those who believe that it go against their moral or religious beliefs. In school, others may think that students can be over excited in such a class because of their lack of maturity. Sex education makes the relationship between parents and children easier since it is the teacher who explains the uncomfortable topic for the first time. Child may also feel less vulnerable talking to some who is not their parents, so as not to be ashamed. In other word, only parents can choose the right time to talk about sex with their children, whether they believe they are mature enough or not. The problem is that because parents are not ready or children are not mature, every day we hear more cases of AIDS and unwilling pregnancies which end in abortion. Teenagers, nowadays, faces the risk of venereal diseases throughout their life. Most parents here in the Philippines are shamed in educating their child about sex and some have lack of knowledge about the proper way of sex education. Cases of unwilling pregnancy, AIDS, and STD have been increasing specifically among teenagers due to premarital sex and lack of knowledge about the consequences of their acts. Barangay Suarez, as one of the most populated barangay in Iligan City, has the most cases of teenage pregnancies and has been called as "productive community" based on the records gathered from the Health Center.

One of the main goals of education is to develop self-fulfillment. That is to say, to develop a sense of responsibility towards life and awareness of the world which they live. In effect, sex education prepares learners to afford the consequences of their acts, helping them to feel more secure and responsible. Moreover, it also breaks the taboo that sex is bad forbidden thing. It is normally expected that parents should socialize their children appropriately and help them navigate the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Discussion between parents and children about sexual issues can clarify expected behavior, enable parents to communicate their values, and provide a chance to educate and inform the child. Parent-child communication can foster a sense of caring between parents, create supportive environment and strengthen the connectedness between parents and children. This exploratory research will be suitable to have a good start to provide strategies in promoting proper way of teaching sex education to parents for the benefits of their children in Barangay Suarez, Iligan City. Thus this study accentuate more on preventive measures on AIDS, and to decrease the cases of early pregnancy, providing guidance on sex education and to demand strongly that "the purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Statement of the problem

The main objectives of this research study about sex education and its relationship to teenage pregnancy is to educate students and youngsters that sexual activities can lead to pregnancy, to show that the influences of external factors can lead to sexual activities and understand the importance of sex education to prevent early pregnancy.

1. What is sex education?
2. What are the aims of sex education in Barangay Suarez? 3. What skills should sex education develop?
4. What information should be given to young people living in Barangay Suarez?

Does sex education at an early age encourage young...
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