Sex Education in School

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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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Should children be taught sex education in schools?
As a coin as a two sides so the matter of educating children about sex in schools has its own pros and cons. Many parents believe or preferably it can be said that they worry that educating about sex is equivalent to giving permission to engage in sexual activities. At the same time educators believe that educating children about sex is an essential part in their life and its not about harming the belief system of parents or society.  Some of the aspects to be kept in mind while answering this question are: Many parents don’t discuss about sex at home to their children, so children get this information through various other sources like television, internet, friends which may lead to a misconception or inappropriate knowledge. So it’s better to have system at place where they are given knowledge about the same. Sex education in schools makes it easy for conversation between kids and their parents. This is when parents have the opportunity to educate kids about their own views regarding sex. Its human nature to do or try to do what is warned not to. So abstaining children from doing something only leads to their anxiety to know about it so instead of they lending in some trouble due to wrong source of information its better to educate them in a systematic way so they can make their decisions wisely. Children’s are the future of a society if they are been educated from the first phase of their life it will be easy to stop many types of sexually transmitted diseases as well as many other social illegal activities underlying sex as their base.  It also helps to understand the emotional and psychological disadvantages of sex, and how these can affect them. Hence by considering above points I agree the statement to impart sex education in schools.
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