Sex Education in Pakistan

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  • Published: January 26, 2013
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Taha Fahim Pasha

Nabiha Meher Shaikh


26th April 2011

Persuasive Essay: Sex Education In Pakistan

Sex education, a widely recognized term in our society has a misinterpreted meaning. It does not only stand for education regarding sexual intercourse, but is broad in the sense that it involves everything related to sex including sexual anatomy, emotional relations, reproductive rights and responsibilities, and other aspects of human sexual behavior. Although sex education encompasses all this, currently only limited aspects of this broad subject are being taught in schools, the media and other organizations. However, this situation needs to change. The promotion of sex education is most dire in our nation, as it will be extremely advantageous for our people in several aspects. Although it is said that sexual education directly induces sexual arousal and ultimately sexual activity, sexual education needs to be effectively implemented in Pakistan since it is an extremely effective means of controlling the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, is instrumental in ending the woes of teenagers confused about their bodies during puberty, and greatly equips children in protecting themselves from sexual predators and pedophiles.

Sexual education is an effective means of controlling sexually transmitted diseases, the most common of which is HIV/AIDS. According to a study held by the AIDS Research Institute University of California, San Francisco: “The HIV/AIDS epidemic remains a serious health concern for young people, and unprotected sexual activity is responsible for a substantial majority of these infections in youth.” With the majority of the population being illiterate, there is not much awareness regarding the existence and spreading, let alone the prevention of AIDS, especially in the rural areas, where the availability of sources of information such as the internet, television and libraries is...
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