Sex Education Comparing What Is Tought to What Parents Want Taught in California

Sexual abstinence, Condom, Catholic Church and HIV/AIDS

Comparing topics covered during sex education to topics parents want covered.

Cynthia Ashenfelter
Chapman University
Action Research Project

March 14, 2010

American adolescents continue to be very aggressive in their sexual activity with one-third engaged in intercourse before 9th grade. In Riverside County alone in 2007 these adolescents accounted for over 4000 births in teens 15-19 years of age. However, there appears to be a disparity between the need for sex education and the existence of sex education in California. Therefore, to analyze the type of education needed to reduce STDs and teen pregnancy this study compared what topics the California curriculum covers too topics parents think are important in sex education. Multi-method data collection consisted of random one-on-one surveys of parents of current and past students of the district, and recent district graduates to determine topics they considered important in the delivery of sex education. Purposeful sampling strategy utilized as surveys of pre-determined areas around the two targeted schools were collected through a door-to-door surveys of parents with currently enrolled students. Results compared to what California considers important topics of sex education; which concluded a large majority of California schools do not bother to teach all the required subjects and some teach abstinence only. Study results confirm the majority of parents and past students want comprehensive education covering both abstinence, plus protection in grades 7-12.

Table of Contents

Literature Review7

Bibliography 24
Appendix 27
Phase 1 Survey28
Phase 2 Survey29
Phase 3 Survey30
Phase 1 Table 132
Phase 2 Table 233
Phase 3 Table 334
Phase Comparisons Chart 735
Combination Totals Charts 4-636

Chapter 1 Introduction


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