Sex Education

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Sex Education in Public Schools

All over the world, sex and sexuality have essential meaning since they can be regarded as the main proponents of the sustainability of a normal life. In fact, sex and sexuality are the basics of human instincts that affect an individual’s whole life and these cannot be ignored to have a good and healthy life. Therefore, it is a universal topic taking the interest of the whole humanity. Although sex and sexuality are general and important issues that every person should be knowledgeable about and become more conscious in order to keep a balanced and well-informed community, it is obvious that most of the people including uneducated students in the world either do not know anything about sex and sexuality or have learnt completely wrong things about them. In that sense, if every individual cares about these things and gives effort to meet the ignorance of sex and sexuality, people can get a better life situation and live in a physically, psychologically morally healthy community. Therefore, there are many studies about sex education to the students in public schools.

As to the definition of “sex education”, there is not a specific definition of it yet as this issue and the requirements can be too controversial because of the variability of sex education programs. However, perhaps it can be summarized as following: “Education which increases the knowledge of the functional, structural, and behavioral aspects of human reproduction.” (Medical Webends, n.d.). Definition shows that, sex education aims at making young individuals more aware and careful about sex and sexuality. However, there are some objections to sex education in public schools that is the main interest of this essay.

As for the history of sex education, this was not a common concept that shapes the curriculum in 1960s; however, towards the end of the decade there was an increasing number in sexual activity among young people and unplanned pregnancies in Canada because the young people were not given enough information about sex an sexuality in order not to cause any temptation. After that bad case, “health professionals, educators, social workers and parents cooperated to develop sex education programs” (Marsman & Herold, 1986, p.357).

Today, the case of ‘sex education in public schools’ has become a very controversial issue because sex education has its own costs and benefits. Whereas some parents support this type of education in public schools, other more conservative parents are against it in public schools. Moreover, there is a disagreement between the educators. That is why this essay will concentrate on sex education in public schools and attempt to answer the following research question:

What are the disadvantages and advantages of sex education in public schools?

“Sex education in public schools” controversy is not an old issue. However, immediately after the emergence of this concept, many studies have been done whether sex education is a positive guidance for teenagers or not and what the advantages and disadvantages of sex education in public schools are. Actually, all these studies have been applied for the benefit of teenagers and their healthy features. Naturally, there is a big disagreement between the supporters of sex education and the opponents of sex education in public schools. Their studies focus on the advantages and disadvantages mainly, and most of the studies indicating the good sides of sex education in public schools can be regarded as negatives sides of it by other studies.

Firstly, the studies about the advantages of sex education in public schools can be categorized. The first is physical effects other is psychological effects. The studies related to decreasing undesirable pregnancies, preventing of sexually transmitted diseases in terms of physical effects. The studies related to the psychological advantages can be classified as self-control...
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