Sex, Drugs, Disaster and the Extinction of Dinosaurs

Topics: Global warming, Stephen Jay Gould, Science Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Ayman Kamal
Professor Elizabeth Appel
English 101-12
4th March 2013
Dinosaurs in Science
It is the 21st century we are living in, science and technology has advanced like never before. Science is basically a way of knowing but in P.B. Medawar’s words, “The art of the soluble.” Science has explanations to several unusual activities throughout the world that had taken place even before mankind existed and their research still goes on. The study on the extinction of dinosaurs is a timeless study but nowadays the young generation who go to college are not that interested in these studies. Stephen Jay Gould argues that, “science is a fruitful mode of inquiry and not a list of conclusions, and that the conclusions are the consequences not the main idea.” Gould is disappointed with the fact that people tend to mix theories with methods. He then moves on to stating three theories about how the dinosaurs extinct – “Sex, Drugs, and Disasters”. Gould also makes it clear that the extinction of dinosaurs is not a separate problem altogether, a lot of other species also became extinct. The doctor has a point; the reason that dinosaurs are most popular amongst the extinct species is mostly because of Hollywood. The first few theories were impressive enough to hold onto the reader’s attention but soon after when the author jumps from one topic to another, it becomes hard to follow. Although the essay was written over twenty years back it asserts the up to date information. The author is more of an informative person rather than persuasive and most of his claims are supported by facts and research. The author has definitely done his own study about the topic before writing about the extinction. The way of portraying the whole essay was very impressive and organized. One thing that you may feel after reading the essay that it explains how global warming is a big threat to the world and why we have to take measures for it. The author has a general point of view about...
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