Sex, Drugs, and Violence on American Television

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  • Published : February 22, 2012
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“Sex, drugs, and violence on American Television”

Sex, drugs, and violence on American Television send out, more often than not, negative messages. It projects to our children that it is acceptable and glorified to behave in this manner. It is not appropriate when seemingly every time you turn on the television these acts or portrayals of these acts are occurring. Our youth’s minds are saturated with it and it has been detrimental to the perceptions and misconceptions of our children.

I have a problem with sex, drugs, and violence. I believe sex, drugs, and violence are a menace to society. The misuse of them have shackled, destroyed, and ruined many a life. It is our duty as adults to remain diligent in modeling good behavior and decision making in front of our children. I think there is too much aired on public television. This makes it a constant ebb and flow on the battleground of decency and indecency.

Sex, drugs, and violence are of the world. Business, Marketing and Entertainment know that it sells, so the likelihood of it going away in their respective mediums is nil. While monitoring the channels and viewing choices of our children, and having open discussion with them when these visuals and subject matters are breeched, the likelihood of them having such a profound negative influence on them is greatly diminished. Once again we must not grow weary and faint when concerning this as sex, drugs, and violence on American television, albeit inappropriate, is not going to go away.
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