Sex Drive and Varying Effect on People

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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​How does your life affect your sex drive?
It would be easy to explain if sex drive could be compared to an actual car that you could put the keys in the ignition, turn it on and literally drive, but it’s not. People can live their lives full of delicious sensuality, romantic times, he or she on top, lusty dreams, and even fun times with cool toys, but each person sex drive is revved up in different ways and it affects every person differently. Based on age, gender or even national background can show the sex drive level. Women’s sex drive is different from men because women are less jumpier, more settled relaxed and know when and how to control themselves. Woman have a more subtle side which keeps them contained knowing their limit and understanding when to back down and quit. Men’s sex drive is different on the other hand because they are not able to let themselves quit while they are at it. No control causing them to always give into sex drive pressure “Likewise for Tita the joy of living was wrapped up in the delights of food”. Tita’s drive had been in food so therefore she more contained in that area. Laura Squalevella 2. “Her sisters were just the opposite to them, Tita's world seemed full of unknown dangers, and they were terrified of it. Tita being more consecutive Mama Elena the head of the household sex drive had been on hold for sometime since the death of her husband. Providing and nurturing for her family left her with thoughts of sex far from reality. “Mama Elena accepted her offer gratefully, she had enough to do between her mourning and the enormous responsibility of running the ranch and it was the ranch that would provide her children the food and education they deserved-without having to worry about feeding a newborn baby on top of everything else”. Laura Squalevella 1. Sex Drive! The character from this story whom is the definition of that phrase is “Pedro”. Pedro the young and care- free family oriented eager and unstable one. Pedro is...
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