Sex Discrimination in Job Hunting

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Discrimination Pages: 2 (896 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Throughout history, there has existed a universal issue in job hunting; men have more advantages than women. Sex discrimination has been and still is very prevalent in our society today. Men are always considered to be more competent than women simply because they are deemed the dominant sex. Although, sex discrimination is now illegal in many places, misogyny keeps this practice alive through careful planning and cunning loop-holes. In the past, women always held professional positions that were lower than men with the same qualifications. Men dominated the work force, and women were just in a position of subordination. All males believed that men were superior to women. Everyone had the deep- rooted idea that women were less capable than men both physically and mentally, that women were weaker than men. Therefore, in any kind of workplace, men typically occupied all the highest positions rather than women because people thought that a woman did not have the ability to handle what a man could do. For instance, when my mom still worked at her old job as a very hard working and highly motivated staff, she loved to work, and she always did a great job. Everyone in my family even thought that she was the assistant manager of the company. Unfortunately, it was not true. Although the manager knew for a fact that my mom was the first qualified candidate for the position, he could not give it to her for two reasons. First was because she was “too young” to handle such a high level position. Second, the manager told my mom that the C.E.O. of a company could not have a female assistant manager instead of a male. Even though a woman could handle the job just as well as a man, he believed that a woman was not able to do the job as well as a man. In that situation, choices were not made based on the ability of the person, but on his or her gender. Another reason for which women are discriminated against in the workplace is that women are looked upon as just a household...
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