Sex Discrimination at Walmart

Topics: Discrimination, Gender, Affirmative action Pages: 3 (1130 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Sex Discrimination at Wal-Mart

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Dr.: David Britton
May 14, 2012

Betty Dukes along with five other women filled a law suit against Wal-Mart Inc. in 2001 for discrimination against women, denying them their raises and also their promotions. Betty Dukes and the other women hope that they can stand for hundreds of thousands of other women who might have been similarly affected by this type of behavior when they were there also. Years later the ladies got the go ahead to represent 1.6 other women in the case seeking back wages and maybe even punitive damages from Wal-Mart. This is by far the biggest class action suit against such a huge company and by these ladies getting the go ahead they have to prove to a court that Wal-Mart treated them unfairly. Wal-Mart has denied that such atrocities have ever taken place. If it is found that Wal-Mart did in fact do these things not only would their image ne tarnished, they would also end up paying billions of dollars to these ladies and open a door for other suits to be filed against them for whatever purpose and also sends a message saying no matter how big a company you are you are still going to be held accountable for the way in which you treat people. That is why laws were established for this precise purpose. Wal-Mart was hoping to have the case dismissed and have all the women file separately which would be easier for them because all of the women filing together would stand to gain millions from them. The financial impact a law suit of this magnitude might have on Wal-Mart would be loss of business, loss of millions of dollars paid to the women and the majority of shoppers that frequent Wal-Mart are women and if they are found to be discriminating against women of course other women will not shop there. Them they would have to end up letting go a

Lot of people if they don’t have the money to sustain...
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