Sex Crime Laws Are Biased Toward Women

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  • Published : September 18, 2011
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Sex Crime Laws are biased toward Women
Robert N. Reges
DeVry University, ENGL 112
Professor Rectenwald
June 17, 2010

Sex Crime Laws are biased toward Women

Equal protection under the law does not only mean everyone is protected under the law, but it also means the law is applied equally to everyone. When our founding fathers crafted the U.S. Constitution they intended laws to be fair and equitable to all, the spirit of the law is to find the truth; the premise is “innocent until proven guilty”. However all laws are not written to this standard; such are sex crime laws. The most outrageous crime that could ever be committed against another human is that of rape. Laws in the U.S. are to be fair and equal to all regardless of sex, race and religion and most are with one exception - - sex crime laws. Sex crime laws are promoted by lobbyist and advocates that use skewed statistics to argue that women are the majority of victims of sexually related crimes. Hence, it is believed that sex crime laws should be crafted to protect them; politicians are persuaded by these advocates and lobbyist & write tainted, unconstitutional laws. It would appear based on these statistics that the political environment and the written laws are biased to favor women. The noted psychologist Stanton Peele said,” rape is not a crime of passion or the need for sex, but is manifested by the need to show dominance, rape is about power” (Peele, 2009). According to statisticians, almost all rapes are committed by males; especially in my home State of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Coalition against Rape reports, “an estimated 91% of victims of rape and sexual assault are female” and “nearly 99% of the offenders they described in single-victims incidents were male” (Greenfield, 1997). In fact, Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law website states there are a total of 448 people in the program and only one female, which equates to 0.22% are women and...
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