Sex Before Marriage Community and Family Studies

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Independent Research Project Plan
Part A

Community and Family Studies

Taylah Snow

November 6th 2012

Question or Topic

Sexual intercourse and marriage

What are the impacts (negative or positive) of having sexual intercourse prior to marriage for both male and females?

This Independent Research Project aims to identify the opinions of individuals, both male and female, and more specifically of different groups of people, such as, age, marital status, and religious beliefs. This project aims to provide a wide range of beliefs, values, and viewpoints about sexual intercourse prior to marriage and the religious influence over their decision. The research being undertaken also tries to address all ages to gather evidence about the social construct and the influence of the changing values among individuals in today’s society, compared to that of previous decades. This project also aims to identify the impacts, whether positive, negative, or both, of having sexual intercourse before marriage rather than waiting until marriage to be sexually active.

This report will also express both sides of the investigation to gather a comprehensive research project on the topic addressed. This project respects all views and opinions expressed, with no bias towards any particular opinion or belief regarding this topic.

The categories which I will be investigating include the following: 1) 16 year old males (due to legal restrictions lowest age permitted) 2) 16 year old females (due to legal restrictions lowest age permitted) 3) Individuals who have had sex before marriage ( male and female) 4) Individuals who have not had sex before marriage ( male and female) 5) Married couples who did have sex before their marriage 6) Married couples who did not have sex before marriage

7) Elderly married couples
8) Newly married couples

I will also be investigating the beliefs and attitudes of religious backgrounded people in regard to sex before marriage from both male and female.


The unclear supposition to my question is that there are very few individuals that believe in waiting until marriage to become sexually active. Majority of the general population of people surveyed will be non-religious to justify the ratio of nonreligious people to religious people in modern society. This reach will come to the conclusion or hypothesis that the major of opinions and values expressed by both male and female is that sex before marriage is a necessity for a relationship to succeed in today’s society. However, there will be a variety of opinions from the different categories but the majority of beliefs and values, I think, will express in favour of having sexual intercourse before marriage.

I hypothesise that each category will have these opinions and values over all with a few being different, although will resemble the following trends.

Category| Response|
16 year old females| Sex before marriage is essential for a relationship to succeed in the long run, this doesn’t necessary mean that sexual intercourse be undertaken in every relationship, but ones that special and important. Some religious teenagers will have different opinions such as, sexual intercourse should only happen with one person, in which you marry. | 16 year old males| Sex before marriage is essential and it is an unrealistic approach in today’s society. I hypothesise that teenage males stereotypically care less than females do on the topic of sex. However there are a distinct few that care greatly about sexual intercourse and believe that it should be undertaken with someone special. | Individuals who have had sex before marriage( aren’t married) | Individuals that have had sex before marriage believe it is a vital and important part of a relationship to succeed in today’s society. | Individuals who haven’t had sex before marriage and aren’t married| Depending on their religious background they...
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