Sex Awareness

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Sex Awareness
Angela Jorgensen
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Sex Awareness
In today's society there is a continuing debate over sex education and its influence on our children. Sex has been a part of the public school curriculum and a subject of debate since at least the nineteenth century. With teenage pregnancy rates higher than ever and the threat of the contraction of STD's, such as HIV, the role of sex education in the school is of greater importance now then ever before. Denying children of learning about sex education is like sheltering them from the harsh realities they are more than likely to encounter. Sex education and what is included consist of, teaching abstinence and the benefits of this, using protection and what different kinds are available to prevent teenage pregnancy, the anatomy of the body, and all about STD’s including HIV. Our children would be in greater danger with the absence of this information.

During the teenage years every boy and girl go through drastic changes in their body that they need to have explained to them. This obviously is one of the most important reasons for sexual education being taught to students. Sex education can help children deal with the many changes that occur at the start of puberty. One example is a female's first menstruation and the uncomfortable feelings they feel. If this girl had been informed of this change prior to it beginning, then her ability to accept and understand it would be a lot easier and more prepared.. Hormonal and physical changes in the body begin without warning and a child needs to know why these changes are going to take place. Students are taught about the anatomy of the human body and how and why it works the way it does. Knowing how one’s body works is a natural part of every person's life and the ability to gain this knowledge should not be removed.

At the beginning of puberty hormones start rushing and all teenagers begin to experience sexual urges. It's not...
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