Sex and Violence Effects

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Marriage Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: February 23, 2011
Sex and Violence on Television and Movies should be Restricted Sex and violence is one of the most popular issues in today’s society. In the world today, up to 70 percent of adults love to watch action movies that have a lot of sex and violence in it either on the television or at the movies. Some people love to watch other people being hurt. It is believed that the stronger will not only win but will not be harmed. On the television today, some channels or stations show a lot of violent movies by which people can learn some self defensive moves. Nowadays, in the music industry, songs that are very sexually explicit are being produced by various artists. Some of these songs teaches about sex literally, which people love to hear and listen to especially the grown-ups. There are also songs that talk about violence. This type of music has great beats and very explicit lyrics and ends up becoming the number one hit on the bill board which makes a lot of young people become rappers. Violence in the media encourages peer violence. Sex and violence today have some positive effects and a lot of negative effects in the society. In everyday life, television plays a very important role. Watching too much T.V makes teenagers to be influenced by what they watch. On the television and sometimes in some movies, there is a lot of sex before marriage which eventually makes teens to have sex. Sex should be restricted on televisions for the fact that kids stays late at night to watch the favorite shows. Sex before marriage is also known as premarital sex which means having sexual relationship before marriage. Well when young adults have sex before marriage, it does have an effect on them when they get acquainted with there partner in future. Under aged kids are being exposed to sex and violence on TV. Some television stations nowadays airs violent show which leads to violence in children. Most parents let their kids watch up to twenty hours of TV a day....
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