Sex and People

Topics: Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior Pages: 4 (1292 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Hum 390
Hum 390 Final
Bruce LaBruce’s film Raspberry Reich is an awkward blending of gay porn and political satire inspired by real-life 1970s radical group the Baader-Meinhof gang of Germany. The Raspberry Reich is no more than a terrorist organization bent on destroying bourgeois capitalist ideals through a homosexual revolution. Raspberry Reich is purely pornographic. Just like pornography, the movie is interested in fantasy, both sexual and political. At the same time the film is thought provoking because of how LaBruce uses this film to exploit sexuality from all angles, which almost always seems to be affecting politics and making it the politics itself. In How to Look at Pornography, Laura Kipnis mentions this when she says “Within the incipient, transgressive space opened by its festival of social infractions is a medium for confronting its audiences with exactly those contents that are exiled from sanctioned speech, from mainstream culture and political discourse” (120). The two major conflicts that are addressed are the counter-cultural assault on homosexist ideology and the exploration of an individual’s sexual limit. Clearly the first is an external conflict and the second is an internal conflict. Consequently both conflicts complicate people’s ability to make objective, clear-headed decisions where they live. This applies to the way we live now and how sexuality is used against the masses and homosexuality continues its battle to detach the negatives connotations that those with political power have stained it with. The female protagonist of the film Gudrun is the leader of the revolutionary group. Her small entourage, a small group of male followers are not gay themselves. So, in order to be true revolutionary heroes, they must go through the process of becoming gay as a means to make way to for their most buried sexual desires to rise up. The female protagonist has a lot of sex and during sex she shouts many slogans like "The...
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