Sex and Advertisements

Topics: Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: February 3, 2008
One of the most influential advertising strategies in the American culture is sex. Advertising with sex appeal is the most common method used in todays society. Advertising companies try to lure Americans into buying things by the sole use of sexual appeal. Certainly, sex does attract many people in today's culture. It seems that it is becoming the norm to use sex as a tool in advertisements. Not too long ago, sex appeal on TV and in ads was considered immoral and even illegal. Furthermore, it has a detrimental impact on today's youth. Sex in advertisements is still immoral, and should be restricted to a certain degree. It seems like every time I drive on a major highway and look at the billboards and the advertisements that are on them, I am usually in awe of the pictures the advertisements possess. Whether it is a beer company, cigarette company, or a car company, they always seem to have some form of sex in their advertisements. When I turn on my television and flip through a couple of channels, I am always sure to find either a show or a commercial that contains sex appeal. Many times sex in an advertisement may have nothing to do with the commodity the person is trying to sell. Yet, sex seems to grab many people's attention and is able to sell the product by itself.

The worse problem with this is that young kids are being exposed to these explicit ads. Young children are influenced easily by what they are exposed to. An example of this is the Pro Wrestling Federation. It has grasped the attention of young children and is becoming one of the biggest events to watch on TV. The problem with this is that they use beautiful women so kids will be interested, and the wrestlers say and do things in a sexual way. These kinds of shows are supposed to be watched by mature people that can understand what they are doing is wrong. These companies say it is their rite to advertise and it is their rite to use any advertising strategy.

In a society...
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