Sewing Essay

Topics: Sewing machine, Button, Sewing Pages: 4 (1713 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Sewing used to be considered a survival skill. Girls were taught to sew at school, along with their lessons in cooking and housecleaning. When I was in secondary school, I had learned sewing lessons in secondary school and was never good at it. All girls in Form Two grades were required to take sewing for half of the year and cooking the other half. The program was extremely structured. In Form Two I made a pillow and in Form Three I made a shirt. The first thing that I learn to sew isn't fabric. It's paper. I need to make sure the machine has the needle in it, but no thread and put it on a straight stitch and practice sewing on the lines. Once I get the hang of that, I need to draw a spiral on the paper and practice keeping the needle holes on the line that I drew. This is going to teach me to control and will give me the feel of how fast to sew. I had a very basic knowledge of how to thread the machine and make a simple piece of clothing but everything that I have ever made looked very poor and unprofessional. I am really enjoying it, but obviously I am a beginner that makes tons of mistakes and I am learning from them. I haven’t had a chance to wear anything I have made out. I never expected to learn so much. So, I went through sewing courses for 2 months. I found the course very inspirational, and just after 5 weeks I attempted to sew simple shirt. The more I sew, the more I gain confidence as the saying goes ‘Sharpen a blunt knife’. Normally, I will use my sewing machine at home more often instead of keeping it in store. I learned how to correctly sew on a button, make buttonholes, and hand sews the button loops that closed those wide cuffs. After the training course, my pile of things to sew has dramatically reduced since I have started to sew and I even seriously think on buying the fabric to change my curtains. I had the desire to start to love sew because it gives me a chance to create something new and forget about everything going on around me....
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