Severe Weather in Texas

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Severe Weather in Texas Research Notes

* Sudden fronts can drop the temperatures as much as 20 degrees in an hour (During severe weather) * January 9th 2012- That years first confirmed tornado with hail the size of ping pong balls (Houston and Galveston) * April 6, 2012- More than a dozen tornadoes ripped through north Texas, there were as many as 19 in progress at a time, the strongest one reaching an EF4. -Forney EF3, wind speeds up to 150 mph “ It was like a bomb hit”-Patti Gilroy (Victim of the tornado) -Lancaster EF2, wind speeds up to 130 mph

* August 31,2012 Outer rain bands associated with Hurricane Isaac caused severe thunderstorms and heavy winds reaching up to 65mph (East Texas) * September 24, 2012- Moisture from Hurricane Miriam and Tropical storm Norman brought strong winds which resulted in sand storms (West Texas) (

* Depending on how severe the weather is, sometime you may need to evacuate entirely. In some mild cases the most damage you will see are trees laying on the street, and trash cans and trampolines a few feet away from where they are suppose to be. As it starts to get worse roofs begin to fly in the air, and houses begin to shake vigorously. In the worst weather the city is left as a pile of debris. ( * Radars used by weather channels are what makes it possible to detect severe weather. So when the weather doesn’t look so good outside make sure you tune into local weather stations to make sure you and your family remain safe. (

Safety Tips:
1. Become familiar with the area you live in and make sure you have an escape route 2. If you can, build an underground shelter
3. Have storm shutters and plywood, so that in the case there is severe weather you can tae them out and batten down the windows and the doors 4. Make sure your car has extra gas because if the powers out, the gas tanks wont work 5. Keep and emergency kit

* If you are...
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