Several Strategies to Promote Halal Food

Topics: Food, Halal, Taste Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: June 5, 2012
Several strategies for Malaysian exporters to promote Made-in Malaysia Halal food products to Saudi Arabia are:

(i) Malaysian Halal food exporters must first identify the appropriate type of Halal food that can be marketed in Saudi Arabia. They must study the possibility of producing dishes which suit to local Arabic tastes in order to penetrate the market. This would assure a constant demand for the food which is usually consumed daily by Saudi consumers.

(i) They have to participate in more promotional activities of Malaysian Halal foods such as participation in specialized food fairs in Saudi Arabia. Highlight in the participation about Malaysian high quality, internationally good taste and reasonable priced Halal food products. List of specialized food exhibitions in Saudi Arabia is shown in Annex I.

(ii) Malaysian food companies should consider doing franchise or joint-venture with suitable Saudi partners to establish Malaysian restaurants in Saudi Arabia. Malaysian Halal food franchise and restaurant must highlight Malaysian renowned cuisines such as Satay, Roti Canai, Teh Tarik, Rendang, Curry, etc. These famous Malaysian cuisines will carry more recognition for the overall Malaysian foods to Saudi consumers. Thailand for example, has been successful in promoting its popular cuisine which is Tom Yam in Saudi Arabia through its Thai food restaurants located across the Kingdom.

(iii) They also could appoint exclusive agents to handle selected food items for each region of Saudi Arabia. Exclusive agency is usually preferred by Saudi companies as they are allowed to cover more sales territories. List of Saudi meat and meat products importers is provided in Annex III. (iv) Malaysian Halal food companies should enhance branding of Malaysian food products by offering selective brands to Saudi agents. One food product can have a few brands. Therefore, if one agent has been given a brand to sell in one province, another agent should be offered...
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