Seventeen and Maybelline

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  • Published: November 26, 2012
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Talisha Jackson
Professor Benjamin Foster
Writing 121
Seventeen and Maybelline
Seventeen is a cheap, popular magazine whose pages are full of various fashion or cosmetic tips, articles, and advertisements. Seventeen also focuses on the unknown details of popular stars, movies, celebrities and television shows. Maybelline Cosmetics is a well-known, expensive brand of makeup which is owned by L’Oreal. I will be analyzing both the Seventeen magazine and a Maybelline advertisement, to decide if the particular ad could be placed in the magazine. On the cover of the 2012 August edition of Seventeen is the Filipino actress Shay Mitchell. She is shown smiling while leaning against a white wall her arms are firmly crossed in front of her, showing off her blue bracelets and ring. Her brown hair is being blown back by an unknown force, revealing her blue and purple earrings which match her bracelets, purple lopsided shirt and purple flower patterned denim jeans. Right next to Shay in bold teal letters is the television series she’s in “Pretty Little Liars”, and under that in smaller plain text, is “Spoiler Alert! The wild plot twist she didn’t even see coming.” Shay’s head is slightly covering the magazine’s title “Seventeen”, and surrounding her are the main topics of this edition. Such as: “Redo-Your-Room—For Free”, “Back-To-School Preview”, “805 Fashion & Beauty Ideas”, “Free nail polish”, “Best Jeans for your Body & Budget”, and “The Guy’s Secret Thoughts (what he’s not telling you)”. They’ve also posted the URL for their website in small orange print at the bottom right corner. August is the month where most students in high school or college are getting ready for going back to school, or are already back in school. Three of the main articles in this edition are about cheap ways to redo your entire appearance. The ‘Back to School Preview’ article is full of pictures of women who are promoting make-up or hair products, and telling the readers ways to achieve these unique styles and what to buy. Such as the Hot Chocolate style “Upgrade your everyday earth tones with rich chocolaty color on eyes and lips. You get an A+ when the finish is matte.” The article tells the reader to buy MAC Pro Longwear ($20) and NARS Pure Matte Lipstick ($25) in order to achieve this look. Judging by the time this edition came out, some of the main topics, and the fact that this section of the article tells the reader that she’ll get “An A+ when the finish is matte” is safe to say that this magazine targets women in high school through college who want to get the best deals on clothing/cosmetic products and are interested in changing their look. Unlike most magazines, Seventeen does not have a table of contents. It does, however, number its pages which totals up to 175 pages. Within these pages are advertisements for cosmetic products such as Covergirl, Maybelline, Pantene, and NYC. Covergirl dominants these with 5 full page ads, two of which are located in the first couple pages of the magazine. Pantene and Maybelline aren’t too far behind with 2 full page ads each, and NYC is in last place with 1 full page ad. The first thing you see when you open the magazine is the CoverGirl ad for their ‘Clean’ brand of cosmetics. This ad features Taylor Swift, whose skin looks gray and contrasts with her bright blue eyes and salmon colored pink lips. In quotations under Taylor is “why do I love clean? Because it’s sensitive to my skin” and under that a small description of the product. The other cosmetic ads are similar only promoting other products like eye shadow, mascara, primer, nail polish, etc. The cosmetic advertisements within the magazine itself reveal that the readers are interested in make-up, but only products which enhance their features and hide their blemishes’. Seventeen attempts to incorporate all different kinds of young women into their magazine. In the first 51 pages alone they have 49 models who are a minority, and...
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