Seven Year War Paper

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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Seven Year's War Paper
Hazel Kirk
April 4, 2011
David Glauber

Seven Year's War Paper

Many factors led to the Seven Years’ War. Along with these factors, I think that the huge differences in cultural backgrounds and points of view between the various countries involves also contributed to the Seven Years’ War. In the seventeenth-century, the colonies were becoming over run by various, very different immigrant groups (Davidson, 2006). Famine, warfare, and religious persecution forced most of the non- English groups to leave from their homes in Europe and go to the American colonies. This immigration quickly increased the population and made the colonies more diverse. The diversity caused the colonies to be primarily divided along cultural lines. The colonist divided themselves according to their ethnic, regional, racial, and religious differences (Davidson, 2006). Because many of these immigrants had no money and no way to pay for their trip to America, they had arrived in the colonies already signed into indentured servitude (Davidson, 2006). The population increase had a significant impact on the lifestyles of the colonists in the eighteenth-century. At this time the birth rate had increased dramatically as women typically gave birth to five to eight children. This fast population increase made nearly every part of the eighteenth –century American life more frantic and hectic. Social relations in the era grew more strained, as many of the colonials found that this diversity made it impossible to form a shared and common identity. Eighteenth-century colonial societies most often divided along many social lines (Davidson, 2006). An individual’s political and legal rights determined their social class; additionally, clothing was a key factor, as well as a person’s religious affiliation and obligations. The gentry’s class had access to most money and financial power, the highest level of education, and wielded the most political...
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