Seven Steps of Wellness

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What is wellness and how does this relate to the 7 steps of wellness? (Make-up assignment)

We constantly hear about wellness in the news, we read about it in the magazines and we listen about it from the radio channels. The first assumption that comes up in our mind when we hear the word “wellness” is that it is a freedom from diseases. But it is not only about physical wellness, or good health on the body it is far beyond that, it is a state of mind.

“Wellness is an active, lifelong process of becoming aware of choices and making decisions toward a more balanced and fulfilling life.” (Health and Wellness Guide for ICM Students, 2012, p.2) There are 7 criteria which we have to fulfill in order to determine our life as “wellness type”.

The first strategy, physical wellness is to recognize the need of physical activity, foods and sleep.
Physical Wellness
In order to achieve this goal you should maintain a healthy quality of life. Sports activities like fitness, joking, volleyball, basketball or football are useful for our body. If you do not have enough time to spend in the gym or playing basketball or football with your friends you can always refer to more daily activities from your routine. You can take the stairs instead the elevator to get home; you can ride a bike to get to the university or simply to replace the bus or tram with walking. It is scientifically proven that sports activities strengthen our immune system.

In order to have a healthy and good looking body you should maintain a health and balanced meal. The breakfast is important meal of the day. If you have breakfast in the morning you charge your body and mind. According to “Indiana State University”, “Physical wellness encourages knowledge about nutrition and activities that contribute to high levels of wellness, including medical self-care and the appropriate use of the health care system.” In other words you should educate yourself about diets and nutrition, about sports or daily activities in order to achieve the wellness of your body. Drinking at least 8 cups water per day is also a goal to be achieved.

Physical wellness is also connected with the disuse of drugs, alcohol and tobacco and of course safe sex. Composition between alcohol and drugs often leads to making an unsafe and unprotected sex, which leads to AIDS and other deceases or unwanted pregnancy. In order to achieve your physical wellness you shall avoid them.

Sleep is beauty and health and that is why it is closely connected with wellness. You shall sleep at least 8 hours per night to have a healthy and beautiful body. Otherwise your body is tired and cannot give you the maximum for the day.

Emotional Wellness
Emotional wellness is about coping effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships with other human beings. Moreover it is about creating yourself as a valuable and noble person.
The first sub-goal is to accept yourself for who you are. It is important to value yourself, in order to be valuable for others. Repeat to yourself how beautiful you are and how tiny and gorgeous you have become. Be confident and positive person, keep smiling and keep your standards high. The way you treat yourself, that is how people treat you too.

In order to develop your emotional wellness you shall be able to ask for help. “All questions are good questions”. If you need help about issues or circumstances in your life you shall ask for help. Talk with the Student Counselor or with the Student Psychologist in your university, or simply refer to your tutor or coach for help. Be supportive and surround yourself with supportive and caring friends.

Manage your day properly; manage your study days in order to be successful. Keep tracking your agenda and stay up to date. These strategies will help you to cope with stressful situations.
Social and Cultural Wellness
Social and Cultural Wellness is about “Developing a sense of...
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