Seven Great Men in History

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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Seven Great Men in History
When you come across people that have committed horrible crimes or made many bad mistakes in life, you normally don’t give a second thought to what you think about them. They did something horrible and really should be punished for it. This is probably the majority of how most would think. What if that person who did such an unforgiveable thing, was also said to be one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had? Should a person’s positive achievements for the whole of society cancel out the atrocities of their personal life? Franklin Delano Roosevelt is a great example to use for this question. He is almost universally accepted as one of, if not the greatest president in American history. Yet, the way he conducted his personal life quite the opposite. He was married to his cousin and then cheated on her with his secretary. Both of these things are considered unacceptable, unforgivable in our society although it seems to me that they are personal choices that should only concern the people in the marriage. In comparison, his many great triumphs and achievements for the betterment of society should outweigh the way he chose to carry on in his marriage. Considering this, I think his “crimes” should not be held up against him by society, and should be forgiven. Thomas Edison, on the other hand, I believe should not be forgiven for his faults, and his achievements should not outweigh his personal life, because he did not have any besides taking credit for someone else’s! In my opinion, Edison was a synthetic, awful person. He’s widely credited for inventing radio, microwaves, primitive radar systems, the light bulb and electricity. He should not be remembered for that, because he did not invent any of those things. He hired someone to do it for him, and then threw that person under the bus, taking all the credit himself for these inventions. Thomas Edison, unlike F.D.R., should not be forgiven, nor should his achievements...
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