Seven Film Review

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  • Published : July 12, 2008
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Se7en is a dark, grisly, horrifying and intelligent thriller. It may be too disturbing for many people. However, those that can bear to watch it will see filmmaking of a high order. It tells the story of two detectives - one ready to retire, the other at the start of his career - and their attempts to capture a perverted serial killer who is using the Se7en Deadly Sins as his modus operandi. As the movie opens, we meet Somerset (Morgan Freeman), a scrupulous veteran cop who lives a lonely bachelor’s life in what simply looks like a furnished room. Then he meets Mills (Brad Pitt), an impulsive young cop who actually asked to be transferred into Somerset’s district. The two men investigate a particularly frightening murder, in which a fat man was tied hand and feet and forced to eat himself to death. His crime was that of Gluttony. Soon Somerset and Mills are investigating equally imaginative murders modeled after the other deadly sins, including Sloth, Greed, and Envy. In each case, the murder method is appropriate, and disgusting (one victim is forced to cut off a pound of his own flesh; another is tied to a bed for a year; a third, too proud of her beauty, is disfigured and then offered the choice of a call for help or sleeping pills). Somerset concludes that the killer, “John Doe,” is using his crimes to preach a sermon. The look of Se7en is crucial to its effect. This is a very dark film, the gloom often penetrated only by the flashlights of the detectives. Even when all the lights are turned on in the apartments of the victims, they cast only hopeless pools of light. Although the time of the story is the present, the set design suggests the 1940s; Gary Wissner, the art director, goes for dark blacks and browns, deep shadows, lights of deep yellow, and a lot of dark wood furniture. It rains almost all the time, save for the final day of the film. In this jungle of gloom, Somerset and Mills stride with growing apprehension. Somerset intuits that the killer...
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