Seven Commandments to a Utopia

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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Every society has its rules and laws. It depends on the type of rules and laws that makes a society the way it is. For a type of society that would be like a utopia the seven most important commandments are: Be at Peace, Be Honest, Give to Others Rather Than Receive, Accept Others as They Are, Respect All Things Living, Always Learn to Forgive, and Live Life to the Fullest. In order to live in the perfect society, these commandments are very important.

Commandment I - Be at Peace: Being at peace is the opposite of being at war. In this society there is no war. We are all at peace. We are at peace with each other because we understand, help and are kind to each other. Being at peace also means to be at peace with ourselves. We must learn to love and understand ourselves. I believe we all need to learn to be a little more peaceful that is why this is an important commandment.

Commandment II – Be Honest: Being honest is always telling the truth, no matter the situation. In a utopian society there is only honesty, even in politics. To lie to some one is to deceive them and people in this society do not deceive others. When you lie you can not stop because after you tell a lie you have to keep lying in order to cover up the lies you have already told. Always telling the truth is very important. If you lie and you happen to get caught you become mistrust worthy, and no body wants to be look at as mistrust worthy.

Commandment III – Give to Others Rather Than Receive: It is better to give rather than receive because in a perfect society, no matter if you give a give a gift or receive one you experience the same level of happiness. Even though you feel the same level of happiness when you give you feel fulfilled, like you know you did the right thing. I think every one needs to learn to give back a little. The only thing I ever hear anymore is I want this, or I need this. People need to appreciate what they have. That is why this commandment is...
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