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Having seen the selected clip of the film Seven (David Fincher, 1995) and taking into account editing aspects I state that both parallel editing or cross-cutting and eye-line match reveal a contrast, that is, Detective Somerset’s experience versus Detective Mill’s inexperience. Once Detective Somerset discovers that there is a parallelism between the deaths, the seven deadly sins; he goes to the library in order to doing some researching and find out what the serial killer is doing. A long shot shows the books rather than Detective Somerset, focusing on the fact that the clues are within some books. We can see through eye-line watches that Somerset gets to this conclusion and reads some of the books such as The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer and Divine Comedy by Dante. He spends all night long reading and seeing outrageous pictures from Purgatory. However, he stands indifferent and cold but concentrated, just thinking and trying to extract the main information whereas at the same time, Detective Mills is at home investigating, trying to get facts from the photos and checking the forensic reports so as to see the causes of the two first deaths. He is not concentrated in his task, he is watching TV and drinking beer while is working. In fact, he is tired because he has not reached any conclusion. An extreme close-up shot shows he is kind of thoughtful, he does not see anything in common between the two first deaths. In addition to this, cross cutting or parallel editing reflects how they work and how they face investigations. So we can see again the contrast between experience and inexperience. Somerset is an elder person; after working so many years, he is going into retirement, has seen many things throughout his life and has solved many cases. He knows what to do in these cases, he thinks with his brain and controls, in some way, the situation. By...
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