Settlement Letter Final Draft Pa-105-01 Unit 9 Kap. U.

Topics: Jury, Tort, Legal costs Pages: 3 (662 words) Published: June 11, 2012
Unit 9
Settlement Letter
Final Draft

James Draper

Legal Writing PA105-01
Professor: Brian Tippens J.D.

Law firm of:
Chase, DiLiver and Billum,
456 Main Street,
Plainview, GK, 12345

10/31/2010 To: Whack, Raze and Runn,
Attorneys for Sunny Dale Gardens
123 Central Avenue,
Plainview, GK, 23456
Attn: Richard Whack Esq.
From: Chase, Diliver and Billum
Attorneys for Mrs. Greeves

Re: Proposed Settlement

Dear Counselor Whack,

On behalf of our client and in the interest of reaching an amicable resolve without extensive litigation, we propose to accept the sum of $92,000, as payment in full, to dispose of the matter.

The requested sum is based upon actual damages; past, present and future and does not reflect any attorney fees, legal costs or punitive damages; those which your client may incur through ongoing litigation. However, this firm is prepared to forego these fees, if this notification results in an early settlement. In the alternative, our firm is prepared to move forward to trial.

We are confident that our client will prevail in going to a trial on the merits; whereby, in view of all applicable elements, and based upon the following rationale, the court will more than likely rule against your client finding the liability in both his actions and his inaction, to be compensable. It is reasonable to presume what irreversible damage to your client’s reputation will likely occur with a jury verdict of guilt, inevitably causing loss of revenues.

With all due respect, counselor, your client had clearly neglected the duty owed to our client, that being, to maintain the working condition of the appliances which he derives a profit from in his business endeavors, the absence thereof, caused Mrs. Greeves considerable loss and hardship.

To offer...
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