Setting to Create Mood

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  • Published : February 12, 2007
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Setting to create mood
It is a dark and stormy night. There is no sign of life except for the occasional chirp of a cricket or the rare flutter of a nocturnal bird. Black clouds have covered the moon's glow, and only a rusted streetlamp provides any source of light for the fear-stricken residents of Mystery Lane. This image generates a setting that produces fear and anxiety in the readers mind. It helps create a mood in the situation, which allows the author to express his/her true view of the scene. In fictional literature, mood is essential for a scene to feel real. This mood is created by the setting in which the situation takes place. Setting allows the author to use physical surroundings and time to portray his/her feelings toward the particular scene. For instance, weather can be a useful tool when creating a setting. Rain or clouds could be used to create a sense of anger or darkness, whereas sunlight or warmth could be used to create happiness or joy. Once the mood is created, the main purpose of the scene is easier to understand making it much easier to interpret the novel as a whole. In the novels Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Scarlet Song, the authors use setting to create the mood in various situations.

In the Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Garcia Marquez abundantly generates moods through numerous scenes. Towards the beginning of the book, when the bishop arrives, "people were too excited with the bishop's visit to worry about any other news" (Marquez 23). This description produces a frantic and energetic mood. It shows how animated everyone is about the fact that the bishop is coming to town. However, when Marquez describes Santiago at the same place and time, he creates a sense of loneliness and death. He does this by first introducing "the two men who were waiting for Santiago Nasar in order to kill him. Clotilde Armenta, the proprietress of the establishment, was the first to see him in the glow of dawn, and she had the...
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