Setting of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Critical Essay
‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” is a famous novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. In this novel, we follow the path of Mr Utterson while he investigates his friend’s, Dr Jekyll, strange will only to find out that Dr Jekyll has split his good side from his evil side. Stevenson creates a good sense of time and place, which is important to the main concern of the prose, which is the duality of human nature.

There is a huge difference in Dr Jekyll’s house and the few rooms that Mr Hyde inhabits. Jekyll’s home is “furnished with luxury and good taste” while the Hyde’s room “bore every mark of having been recently and hurriedly ransacked”. This shows that while Jekyll is a man of high society and is wealthy and likes to keep his home looking clean and such, Hyde does not care for wealth and luxury and is fine with his rooms being a mess. This also reflects Jekyll’s self-discipline as Mr Hyde is the evil, greedy side of Jekyll and reflects what he actually wants to be able to do. This is very important to the main theme of the duality of human nature as it shows the personalities of Dr Jekyll’s two sides.

Stevenson uses character’s homes greatly to reflect their personality. Mr Utterson’s home has a “business room”, this tells us that he brings his work home with him and that he is very hard working. He also has a safe, in which he keeps his clients documents, this shows that he is trustworthy and also reinforces the fact that he is hardworking. It also says that when he has friends round, he likes to drink wine, but he limits himself to gin. This is important to the theme of duality as it shows how people can discipline themselves and restrain the other side of themselves, in this example Mr Utterson disciplines himself by bringing his work home and drinking gin instead of wine.

The weather contributes greatly to the setting and is used mainly to set the atmosphere. When Carew was murdered, “a fog rolled over the...
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