Setting in Animal Farm

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  • Published : May 2, 2012
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Setting of Animal Farm
The Setting of a story is basically split into two distinct elements: •Period.
Period is the story’s place in time.
Ask yourself, “Where in time does my story take place?”
When is the story taking place?
The answer to this question may be simple. For example,
After the world war II, formation of Russian Communism Party and during the reign of Stalin and his struggles with Lenin. The setting enables readers to understand the themes by placing the against the era of writing. Published in 1945 the novel proves to us that writers do not write from a vacuum but operate from their societies thus art is not for art’s sake. The hijacking of Old Major’s ideas and the derailing of all his dreams through manipulation of follows the general animals; this is being jeered at by the author, it the stood as prophetic since the soviet union later on collapsed.The level of technological development suits the period eg, use of a windwills. Location

Location is the story’s place in space.
Ask yourself, “Where does my story take place?”
This is pretty straight forward. Location is the bricks of your story. Location will give you the description and feel for a story. Location is also what many people mean when they use the ambiguous phrase, ‘Sense of place.’ No matter what level of description you intend to use, Location remains important in giving you character a physical world to inhabit. The only other aspect worth mentioning is that Location can be made up of many locations. Each scene and/or act may take place in one or many locations, it is the whole sum of all these smaller locations that defines the Location of your story. For example: ANIMAL FARM; the general setting is the South of England, it is not stressed in the story, but serves only as a background. The important thing known is it is on the FARM. The farm lends a perfect rural, pastoral, and nostalgic backdrop for Old Major's dream, and the activities that...
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