Setting Goals Is Important

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Setting Goals is Important

In order to succeed in life, I need to set family, wellness, and personal goals. The lack of them brings a lot of stress to my life.
Setting family’s goals is important; it allows having an open communication with each member of the family. For example: to plan a vacation, will give everybody the opportunity to think about the places we will like to visit. Also, it will let us know the interest of others. This can help us explore the places online and get an idea of the cost, attraction, and activities we can do there.

Another important goal to reach is making wellness a part of our family. We can start with eating healthier. I would like to involve my family in planning a menu together, so we can learn about nutritional factors and educate our kids to stat making smarter choices regarding food. I believe this will help me to improve my cholesterol level, and prevent sickness in our family. I would schedule some time to go for a walk, use my elliptical, or go to the gym at least two times a week. These small changes will help me to be more energetic, and sleep better.

Besides these two goals, I also would like to further my education and some day becomes a Spanish teacher. Even though I cannot take some college classes right now due to my family’s needs, I still want to move toward my goal. I know that in order to be successful at college, it is necessary to have good writing skills, that is why I want to practice writing at least a paragraph a day to learn to put my thoughts in sentences in a appropriate manner.

Definitely, setting goals is not an easy task. It takes a lot of thinking, energy, and planning. But once you know what you want to accomplish in life and put these goals in paper; it is easier to move in that direction and give you a purpose in live.
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