Setting Goals Gen/105 Week 5

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Earn my Doctor of Education in Education Leadership with specialization in curriculum and instruction. Level of Difficulty: Difficult
This goal will enable me to finally fulfill my desires to deeply make a difference and touch many lives at an age where they are most impressionable. By obtaining this degree I hope to be teaching full time in an elementary classroom as well as training and supporting other teachers on staff. I hope that by taking the extra steps to earn my Doctorate, and obtaining a position of support and training other teachers in the department I will be able to positively touch the lives of not just my own students but all students within the department. The first 10 years of a child’s life dictates who that child will grow up to be. Instilling an early love and excitement for education will produce adults who in turn will seek their higher education and pass it on to the next generation. I consider this goal to be a difficult goal to obtain, however fully obtainable. It is difficult because of the amount of time, dedication, and money involved in obtaining this goal. Short Term Goals:

Obtain Associates of Arts - Elementary Ed.Fall of 2012
Earn a GPA in every class of 3.8 or higherEvery 9 weeks while obtaining my AAEE Apply for scholarships based on GPAFall of 2011

I will accomplish my goal by obtaining
1) Associates of Arts in Elementary Education
2) Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education
3) Masters of Arts in Education & Teacher Leadership.

To Become Debt Free
Difficulty: Extremely Difficult
This ongoing goal is one that I have half completed. By accomplishing this goal I will be in a better place to take on my new lower paying career as an elementary school teacher. At this point in time I am continuing to build my book of business and hope that a combination of selling my business and scholarships will cover the costs of my student loans. I consider this goal as extremely difficult because in...
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