Setting Expectations as a Manager

Topics: Motivation, Reinforcement, Reward system Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: February 11, 2013
*Explain how managers can set effective expectations for their employees to increase organizational performance*


* Join
* Remain
* Work
* Perform
* Citizenship

Speakers Notes:

It is important for managers to set effective expectations for their employees and do so in a way that will build strong employee relations and increase the performance of the organization. Setting effective expectations consists of learning behaviors and using motivation. Managers use motivation to gain new employees, to entice current and new employees to want to continue working with the company, to perform to the best of their abilities and to become a model employee that represents the company proudly.


* Set Goals
* Reinforce Performance
* Performance Related Beliefs
* Understanding Needs
* Motivating Positions
* Fairness
* Satisfaction

Speakers Notes:

The most influential way managers can motivate towards a high standard of excellence is first to set goals that are achievable for the employees and one that does not go against their values and morales. The goal can be short term or a stretch goal that has a certain degree of difficulty, however it should be one that challenges employees to do their best to attain the intended goal.

Next, is to reinforce performance with positive behavior. The Law of Effect states behavior that is followed by a positive consequence probably will be repeated. This law compounded the effects of four key consequences of behavior that are intended to encourage or stop employee behavior. The four consequences are positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishment, and extinction. Positive and negative reinforcement are positive actions that benefits the employee, has a desirable outcome and cause the same behavior to be repeated.. Punishment and extinction generally hold negative consequences with the intent to eliminate the same behavior from being...
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