Set of Established Rules for E-Commerce Website Design

Topics: Website, World Wide Web, Web design Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: September 7, 2008
Whether you are looking for corporate website design and ecommerce, business to business ecommerce build and development, or more modest and affordable ecommerce web site solutions, you still need to apply the ecommerce golden rules. A good web development company will be able to help with these questions and more. But first, what do you need to know to set up a good ecommerce site?

There are many factors that affect an eCommerce website and its performance. Some of the rules in that are important are shown below:

Fast loading
A fast loading website will retain visitors and keep them interested in the product or service you are selling. It is said that the average user on the internet will lose interest if a webpage takes longer than 5 seconds to load.

Easy payment gateway
It is important to keep the payment process as smooth as possible when taking credit / debit cards online. Any hick-ups here and you may lose a sale or even a returning customer. It is a time when your client is likely to feel vulnerable.

Secure online payments
Security is a must and should be emphasized throughout the website. By using a large third-party company as a payment gateway, we offer the most secure way of taking credit / debit cards online.

Keywords within the site
A descriptive product will do wonders for your website. If there two or three keywords for a particular product, try and use each of them two to three times. It is important to mention the keywords "naturally" meaning in keeping with the web site. Another example of keyword use is in this website. I mention both E-Commerce and eCommerce throughout different pages. This is deliberate as there are two ways of spelling the same word. Visitors looking for this site may type either E-Commerce or eCommerce and as they are both mentioned, the chances of being listed near the top are increased.

Using bold and italic
Many search engine optimizers agree that by highlighting words in bold or italic will...
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