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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Rita Karabanova
AP Literature/English
Sestina Assignment:

Beyond and Above

You want to stop and let go of everything Forget and just let the sky free
The passion and love is beyond the limits
I never knew it could happen at any time
The words like the sin of the world.
We spend the future on our past life.

Who knew what is life?
The hell has been everything.
With each step. Breath. Beat. It slows the world. The lie of faith, it carries us free.
Let the petals fall one by one like the age of time. The actual truth is beyond the limits.

Who knows the other limits?
And the reason of the life.
Too much had been held at this time,
No need to go back neither forward for everything. It has the effect of innocence that sets it free. Be the reason that takes everything to stand on this world.

Life as we knew it, and we knew the world. Little by little we go above our limits.
Shells of the sea lay free.
Hands on metals, rest of the body on life
Bothered by everything I knew. Everything.

Shed tears throughout the time.
As if it means something to the world.
We didn’t know if this was everything.
Just walked and walked on our limits.
Moon pulls tides of life
And the Milky Way let go free.

Hush the words that fly in sky free.
Sit down and think of that time
When it was different life.
Should have...
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