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Topics: Injuries, 2005 albums, Sprain Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Unfortunately this week we were unable to have a session with Cindy. Before we started our stretch class Cindy had fallen out in the parking lot and rolled her ankle. She fell forward and cut her hand as well as bruised her cheek. When we found out that it was Cindy who had fallen we immediately went over to her to see how she was doing. She was icing her ankle and had a covering over her hand. During this time there was discussion of what should be done in Cindy’s best interest. Cindy left the YMCA to go to the doctor and receive stitches in her left hand, and have the rest of injuries checked out. While she was leaving we noticed her walking seemed to be OK, however she expressed to an employee that her ankle was bothering her. When Cindy left she was enthusiastic about returning next Friday and we told her we would call her during the week to see how she was doing. Specifically we will have to address how her hand is healing, if she has pain while walking in her ankle, as well as how much pain she has from the bruise on her face. We will also have to find out what she feels her level of functioning is with her ankle and hand, as well as what her doctor said she should and should not be doing. When Cindy left the YMCA we were able to observe Brittany and her client, Kathy.
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