Sesame Street

Topics: Sesame Street, Jim Henson, Oscar the Grouch Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: December 27, 2012
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*Sesame Street combines education and entertainment by using puppets, live actors and animation. The purpose of the show is to help young children learn letters, words, basic math, problem solving, socialization, life skills and real-world situations. The writers have written the show in such a way that adults and older siblings can enjoy watching it and help young children to expand on what the show is teaching instead of just placing the child in front of the TV. * Sesame Street is known for its extensive merchandising, which includes many books, magazines, video/audio media, toys, and the “Tickle Me Elmo” craze. * Current licensors include Nakajima USA, Build-A-Bear Workshop(Build-An-Elmo), Hasbro (Sesame Street Monopoly) , Wooly Willy, and Children’s Apparel Network. For Sesamstaat, Rubotoys has been a licensor since February 2005. In recent years, adults have been encouraged to remember their childhood through retro-targeted products, like action figures from Palisades Toys, through only,, a special con edition of Super Grover, was released. * Gordon, Susan, Bob and Mr. Gordon were the main live actors during the first season. The only Muppets were Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. The Muppets never were to be the main focus, the actors were, but the writers caught onto their popularity and made them an integral part of the show. When Mr. Hooper, also known as Will Lee, died in 1982, the producers made his character pass on as well, using the opportunity to teach children about death. The scene unfolded as the characters on the show explained to Big Bird why they wouldn't be seeing Mr. Hooper any more, then they spent some time reminiscing about the good times. Many famous people, including Laura and Barbara Bush, have appeared on the show.
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