Servuction System

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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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This model used to illustrate factors that influence service experience, including those that are visible and invisible to consumer. Invisible component consists of invisible organizations and systems. It refers to the rules, regulations and processes upon which the organization is based. Although they are invisible to the customers, they have a very profound effect on the consumers service experience. Visible part consists of 3 parts: Serviscape (inanimate environment), contact personnel/service providers, and other consumers. Servicescape- It refers to the use of physical evidence to design service environments. It consists of ambient conditionssuch as music, inanimate objects that assist the frm in completing is tasks, such as furnishing and business equipment. All non-living features present during service encounter. Contact personnel: :Employees other than primary providers that interact with consumer. Service Provider: Primary provider of core service, such as dentist, physician or instructor. Other Customers- Customer A : Recipient of bundle of benefits created through service experience and customer B : Other customers who are part of Customers A’s experience. Servuction model demonstrates consumers are an integral part of service process. The Slevel of participation may be active or passive, but always there. Managers must understand the interactive nature of services and customer involvement in production process. The four components of the servuction model combine to create the experience for the consumer and it is the experience that creates the bundle of benefits for the consumer. •A model to illustrate the factors influencing the service experience •Includes those factors that are visible to the customer and those that are not •Visible component is of three parts: inanimate environment, contact personnel / service providers and other customers •Invisible component consists of the...
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