Servuction Framework

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  • Published : March 1, 2012
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Discussion topic 1
Discuss using the servuction framework the role of the service customer in service creation. Service encounters occur where it is necessary for consumer and producer to meet in order for the former to receive the benefits that the latter has the resources to provide Palmer (2008, p.90) This definition includes all aspects of the service firm with which a consumer may interact, including its personnel and physical assets. Servuction concentrates on consumers’ perceptions of the service encounter. The framework, developed by Eiglier and Langeard (1987), emphasizes experiential aspects of service consumption and is based on the idea of organisations providing consumers with complex bundles of benefits. According to the framework the elements of the service experience are divided into two parts-visible and invisible. The invisible part includes the services invisible organisation, aspects that contribute to the service production beyond the customers view. The visible part includes the physical setting in which the service is performed, the employees who directly interact with the customer to provide the service and both customer A and customer B. The model is completed by the introduction of other customers, with whom each consumer may interact within the system. This is important because the actions of fellow consumers can contribute greatly to the overall encounter. There is often large number of contacts between the service provider and the customers which makes it difficult in identifying the servuction system. Only consumers can define the service encounter that matters to them and essentially create their own bundle of benefits from the contributory elements of the service offer.

A strength of the servuction framework is that it is visual in nature. In a sense, it provides a snapshot of the elements that make up a service experience, making it easier to appreciate the complexities associated with designing and producing a service....
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