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Career Plan: Reasoning Aptitude and Timeline

Career Plan: Reasoning Aptitude and Timeline


25 July 2013

Christopher Robinson

Career Plan: Reasoning Aptitude and Timeline

The goals that I have set to reach my career goals were first to find a college that fit my schedule. My second goal was that I needed to achieve a high grade point average while I was in school. My third goal was to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. My fourth goal was to find a job within my degree plan. My fifth goal was to become a manager of a major logistics company.

Finding a College that fits my Schedule

The specifics of my first goal were to locate a school that fit my schedule. I work a job that requires me to be away from home for days to weeks at a time. I needed a school that was flexible and accessible even when I was away. I looked into several colleges but only one appealed to me, and it was the University of Phoenix. This goal was not difficult because I knew what I wanted in a college and it aligned with my values. Some short term goals that helped me achieve this goal was first to narrow down my choices to 5 online colleges. I went online and just searched online colleges that had degrees in the field that I was looking to work. Another short term goal was to see which college was accessible away from home via phone or Ipad because I traveled a lot and the use of internet to my laptop would be little to none. I accomplished this task on June 10th when I choose to attend the University of Phoenix. One step closer to obtain my ultimate career goal.

Achieve a High Grade Point Average

The specific of my second goal is to achieve a high grade point average. This is a requirement because of the high number of college graduates within my career field. I have spoken with multiple hiring managers in my career field that said when it comes to narrowing down a candidate for a position...
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