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Muhammad Umer
Hassan Masood

ervis Industries was started by two young energetic friends from Gujrat. These young individuals named Ch. Nazar Muhammad (Late) and Ch. Muhammad Hussain (Late) started a small scale business in 1941 in Lahore. At that time, they only manufactured handbags and a few other sports goods. But in few years, their business flourished and in 1954, they installed a shoe manufacturing plant in Gulberg, Lahore. Later, this plant was shifted to Gujrat and in 1959, Service Sales Corporation (Pvt.) ltd. was established which has taken Service Industries to its highs. Service operates in to sectors, one is the manufacturing and other is the marketing. Manufacturing is under the Sevice Industries, while the marketing is under the Service Sales Corporation that was established in 1959. The main manufacturing plants or Service Indurtry is located in Gujrat and Mureedkay while the Service Sales Corporation is located in Lahore. Servis Shoes has a distribution alliance with many international brands which includes the following:

* Nike
* Hush Puppies
* Pierre Cardin
* Urban Sole
* Ecc
While the Servis Shoes include the following brands:
* Don Carlos
* Cheeta
* Soul
* Liza
* Skooz
* Toz
Servis has over 400+ branches in Pakistan and 100 branches in Lahore itself. It is a growing business in international market, and currently it has retail outlets in operating in gulf areas (Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates), Keyna and Europe. Servis Shoes enjoys a rich history of excellent performance and it has given its consumers the best quality products within their economic range and with high durability. Servis Shoes offers nearly 200 products per season which is summer and winter. It entertains it consumers with variety, quality and durability which is within the income brackets of the consumers. Mission Statement

“Spending time selecting the right footwear and making sure that they are comfortable, is time well spent” Vision Statement
“To become a Global, World class and diversified company this leverages its brands and its people SWOT Analysis
1. Cover wide variety of customers
2. Extensive Retail Network
3. Employee Loyalty
4. Diversified range of businesses
5. Highly qualified management
6. Partnership with high end brands
7. Less Employ turnover rate
8. Strong brand image
9. Advanced Technology
10. Low cost of production
11. Largest footwear group in Pakistan

1. No proper planning regarding advertisement
2. More focused on sports and casual footwear rather than formal shoes 3. Female market penetration is weak
4. Low aspiration value in high income group
5. Weak corporate image of Service Group
6. As compare to other competitors distribution network is weak Opportunities
1. E commerce
2. Penetration in female segment
3. Entering new segments of market
4. Innovative products
5. New mediums for advertisement
6. Improve shopping experience at retail outlets
1. Electricity and gas crises
2. Unstable political condition
3. Increase in Taxes
4. Poor law and order situation
5. Devaluation of Pakistani rupee
6. Stiff completion in market from local and foreign brands 7. Unbranded small players competing against different brands of servis

Current Situation
Political Trends
Political instability is affecting the footwear industry and energy crises are the main issue as it increases the cost of production. The import of underpriced shoes has badly affected the domestic footwear industry. The government of encouraging both import and export that encourages the foreign investors to invest in Pakistan but it is making it difficult for the domestic producers to compete in prices of the product both domestically and internationally. Economic Trends

Economic crises have...
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